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Feed grinder machine

Feed grinder machine

This type functional f eed grinder machine wears a flywheel. When the spindle speed reaches 2600 revolutions per minute, the flywheel can store a large enough energy group. Small power (such as the single-phase 3 kW motor) to complete the n
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This type functional feed grinder machine wears a flywheel. When the spindle speed reaches 2600 revolutions per minute, the flywheel can store a large enough energy group.


Small power (such as the single-phase 3 kW motor) to complete the normal work of straw cutting and grinding.

Second, usage and characteristics


This series of cutter machine can be processed forage straw, cotton stalk, wheat straw, beans, orange and all kinds of grain. This chaff cutter has chopping, kneading and crushing characteristics as one of the new high spray in the hay when material can be thrown 2-5 meters away, improve the old models require frequent discharge faults, is an ideal equipment for small and medium-sized family farms and raising chickens, ducks, pigs, cattle, sheep and poultry. Food. With small powerl, high yield, simple structure, convenient operation, one person can operate a wide range of raw materials, processing, not by the material limit.


Third, structure and working principle


1. The machine consists of the upper shell, the lower shell, the outlet, the feed hopper, the angle steel frame, the hammer and the cutting tools.


2. When smashing, the size of the crushing material is controlled by the size of the sieve hole, and the different screen mesh can be replaced.


3, when cutting the grass, to screen out.



1. The machine should be installed on a flat and sturdy site.


2, equipped with a good motor according to the requirements.


3, install the belt before the inspection index is consistent with the direction of cutting power and cutting hay cutter, the confirmation of adjustment after the installation of belt, and the belt tightness appropriate.


4, before the start of the moving knife to cut grass gap inspection and adjustment, adjust the gap between the control below 0.8 mm without bump as the standard, and then the locking bolt.


5, adjust the parts normally, confirm the correct operation, then connect the power to trial run, check whether there is any loosening of the fastener connections at each part, whether there are abnormal sounds in the rotating parts.

4. Safe operation and maintenance


1, must read instructions before starting, and according to the fixed adjustment and maintenance, the operator must grasp the structure and function of the machine requirements.


2, the supporting power must conform to the requirements, not to improve the spindle speed.


3, check whether the operation boot direction and cutting direction, otherwise do not start.


4, need not be mixed with metal and stone hard cutting materials, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine.


5. After a few hours of the machine, it is necessary to observe whether the components are loose or not, and the bearings must be regularly injected with butter.


6, when feeding the material, the operator's hands must not be near the blade, so as to avoid adult injury accidents. The feed should be evenly distributed, not too fast or too slow.


7, drunk, sick, or excessive fatigue, no gloves, retarded, young people under 18 years of age, 60 years old, did not grasp the hay cutter using the rules of the separate operation.


8, in the work, such as the discovery of clogging grass and other faults, the power should be cut off immediately, and the operation will be carried out after the troubleshooting, and the machine should be strictly prohibited.


9, non workers, unfamiliar with the performance of the mechanism of the machine shall not open the machine casually.


10. When the machine is not used for a long time, it should be stored in the room or in the shed in order to prevent the corrosion of the machine.

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