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Flat Die Pellet Mills

Flat Die Pellet Mills

This flat die pellet mills machine used to making feed pellet for animal/poultry food.
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This pellet mills machine used to making feed pellet for animal/poultry food.
1. Raw material:Corn,grain,soybean,peanut,wheat,straw powder,etc.
2. Working principle:This machine works based on circular motion of machine.The motive power is from electric motor.Under the friction,press rollers autorotate,and then there will be out ny the press rollers extruding.and then pellet will be sent out by slinger plate.the cutting knife could control length of pellet.
Anvantages of mini feed pellet machine
1.This machine is simple structure,wide adaptability,small footprint and low noise.
2.This machine with strong structure,flat die and rollers is wear-resisting,heat-resistant,alloy steel.
3.In the process of pellet forming,this machine can make trypsin inhibitory factor in grains and beans degeneration,which will decrease harmful effect on digestion.This machine can also kill general pathogenic microorganism and parasite and improve pellets' nutrition absorptivity. 
Technical parameters of mini feed pellet machine

 Model  Capacity(kg/h)  Power(kw)  Dimension(cm) Weight(kg)
 125  80-100  3  63*27*75  100
150  90-150  3  65*27*78 110
 210  200-300  7.5  85*35*91 200
 230  350-450  11  98*38*94 250
 260  400-500  15  108*42*104  300
 360  700-800  22  140*56*160  350
 400  900-1200  30  150*61*180  400
Note: Gear oil must be added before the new machine is used to prolong its service life.