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Chaff cutter machine for livestock farm

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Hay cutter machine is mainly used for cutting crop straw and forage, because it is mostly crude feed, suitable for cattle, sheep and other livestock farmers. Generally speaking, the hay cutter is divided into two types: motor and diesel engine towing. In the process of using, daily maintenance and troubleshooting need the attention of farmers.

Repair and maintenance
1. Check the looseness of fasteners and tighten them regularly.
2. Strengthen the maintenance of bearing base, coupling and transmission box, and regularly add or replace lubricants and grease.
3. For the price of hay cutter with adjustable cutting clearance, it is necessary to adjust the cutting clearance reasonably according to the thickness of crop stalks to ensure the price of hay cutter works normally.
4. When it is found that the blade edge is blunt, the movable blade is sharpened with oil stone.
5. After each shift, dust and dirt on the machine should be removed in time; after each season, sundries in the machine should be removed, rust-proof oil should be coated on the working parts and placed in the indoor ventilation and drying place.

Points for attention

1) Safety protection equipment must be complete when the hay cutter works.
(2) Operators should fully understand the performance of the machine, strictly prohibit booting operation after drinking, when sick or excessive fatigue, and when working, people and things should not be close to the running parts.
(3) Teenagers under the age of 16 and those who have not mastered the rules of machine use are not allowed to work alone.
(4) The working site of the hay cutter should be spacious and equipped with fire protection equipment.
(5) When feeding grass, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding hopper, forbidding both hands to extend into the protective cover of the feeding hopper. At the same time, we should strictly prevent wooden sticks, metal objects, bricks and stones from entering the machine, so as to avoid injuring people.
(6) It is strictly forbidden to reverse the cutter head.
(7) The hay cutter must work at the prescribed speed. Overspeed and overload operations are strictly prohibited.
(8) When replacing fasteners with movable and fixed blades, 8.8 grade bolts and 8 grade nuts must be used instead of low grade bolts and nuts.
(9) If abnormal noise is found during work, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection. Power must be cut off before inspection. Troubleshooting during machine operation is prohibited.
(10) Material feeding should be appropriate, too much can easily cause overload stop. Of course, not too little, too little will affect the cutting efficiency.
(11) Before stopping work, the shifting handle should be pulled to 0 position, and the machine should rotate idly for about 2 minutes until the dust and weeds in the machine are blown off.