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How to buy poultry feed pellet mills

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How can we select a feed granulator with high cost performance? First of all, users should know what the feed pellet equipment is use for. The equipment can be used as a feed pellet machine for cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, goose and fish. It is a multi-functional animal feed pellet machine. How should we choose a feed pellet machine for small farms and individual farmers?
1. Selection of Straw Granulator Type Based on Material
What are the raw materials used by users? How big is the water? If it is dry corn flour, wheat bran and other powder raw materials, then a straw feed granulator can be started from a simple, so that the process investment is less, the work is simple, the operation is convenient, the effect is intuitive, 1-2 people can produce.
If the raw material is large corn straw, it should be equipped with a corn straw crusher to crush the sun-dried corn straw before adding concentrate to press pellet feed. Generally, corn straw can be crushed to 6 mm size.
2. The power conditions of users, the operation of granular machine equipment needs to consume a certain amount of electricity, some users can only use single-phase electricity at home, some users need three-phase electricity. Other users need diesel power generation form, which requires users to choose according to their actual situation.
3. Choosing Regular Manufacturers

Every manufacturer will say that their own granulator equipment is the best, but when the machine really runs, it finds that the granulation effect is very poor, so users should take their prepared raw materials to the manufacturer to test the machine on the spot when they have the conditions to select. Or ask the manufacturer for on-site pelletizing video to see the pelletizing effect.

4. After-sales Service
It is unavoidable to encounter some minor faults or some technical problems in the normal production of machines. If the users can't get help and fail to help solve the problems, it will bring great troubles to the users. Therefore, it is recommended that users select manufacturers with better after-sales service.
Write in the end: In the selection process, the user should pay attention to the matter that is not tempted by the "cabbage price", to compare goods with three, according to the machine's various functions and performance to consider, quality is fundamental, if the quality is not up to standard, machine failure rate and maintenance rate in the future will bring a lot of trouble to users, recommend user selectivity. Regular manufacturers with high price ratio.