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How to choose feed pellet making machine

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Pellet feed is made of powder after high temperature disinfection. It has many advantages over powder, so it is widely used in actual production. Feed pelletizer is a kind of pelletized feed equipment. There are many types of pelletized feed equipment, and each type of machine is suitable for processing different raw materials. Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate type to improve the working efficiency of pelletized feed equipment.
Selection of Pellet Feed Equipment Skills:
1. Selection of feed granulator, first of all, depends on what raw materials are processed, if it is processed concentrate feed, flat/ring grinding feed granulator can be used, but if it is processed grass meal feed or Grass-grain combined feed, it is best to choose flat feed granulator, because flat  feed granulator is driven by connecting rod shaft gear box, carrying overload capacity. Strong, and the main parts of the flat grinding feed granulator rollers, grinding plate selection of high-quality alloy steel using high-frequency quenching process treatment, good wear resistance, service life than ordinary materials extended by 5 to 7 times.
2. Select different types of feed granulator according to feeding scale and feed consumption. Usually, a small feed granulator can be selected for individual feeding. This machine uses household electric to produce. It is convenient to move and easy to operate.