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What is the use value of sawdust

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Sawdust crusher machine can take wood, tree straw, bamboo, wood block, branch, bamboo branch, bamboo leaf, feed, chemical raw materials, etc. at one time
The processed materials are crushed into sawdust or sawdust, and the crushed materials are also widely used, such as sawdust board, particleboard, fiberboard, paper mill, machine-made charcoal raw materials, organic fertilizer for garden foundation, etc.

1. Full coverage in the exposed soil to prevent dust on the ground is very helpful to the fertility of the soil. It can also purify the air and beautify the environment.
2. Compost or natural maturity, good organic fertilizer, can improve soil nutrients and pot fertility.
3. Organic fertilizer additive
4. Fillings for potted soil of flowers;
5. Pet bedding;
6. It can also be further processed into biomass particles that can be burned, with zero pollution to the environment and improved air quality;
7. For processing and culture of edible fungi
8. Fermentation bed culture mat.