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Preparation before starting the wood crusher machine

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The sawdust crusher machine is a one-time processing equipment for wood, leftover materials, branches and other raw materials into sawdust. The equipment has low noise, stable performance and high production efficiency. It is a professional supporting equipment for the mushroom planting industry. The crushed sawdust is used as the food for the growth of the mushroom. In order to improve the production efficiency of the chip crusher and make the service life of the chip crusher longer, Jinnuo machinery specially summarizes some things to be done before the chip crusher is started. Here we will explain one by one:
1. It is strictly forbidden to enter the crusher with hard materials such as metal and stone, so as to avoid damage to the blades, hammers, screens and other vulnerable parts in the machine. Therefore, before starting the machine, we should check whether all the materials are the same raw material and whether there are hard materials such as iron and stone.
2. Before starting the wood chip crusher, check whether the fastening of screws and knives are installed in place. If any abnormality is found, handle it in time. Then check the tightness of the belt. If the power of the wood chip crusher is diesel engine, the diesel engine should be filled with water and diesel. In addition, check the lubrication of the bearing. We should add butter every 3-4 hours to let the wood chip The crusher works normally, so it is necessary to check all parts of the chip crusher before it is started.
3. Before starting the chip crusher, the worker's master shall wear safety helmet, wear protective gloves, and make preparations before starting the machine. Before starting the job, the worker's master shall pass professional training, master the operation skills and precautions of the chip crusher, such as uniform feeding, etc. in addition, he shall also understand the characteristics and principles of the equipment, and strive to standardize the operation and standardize the operation Do.