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How to increase the output of sawdust machine

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1. Reasonably control the material humidity of wood crusher. If our material is too wet, it is easy to be blocked when it enters the crusher, and it will also be blocked in the process of blanking and conveying, thus reducing the production efficiency of the wood chip crusher. Therefore, in order to improve the production efficiency of the wood chip crusher, the humidity of the crushed material should not be too wet, and the humidity of the material should be reduced when conditions permit.
2. Reasonably control the fineness of materials. Some customers require a high fineness of materials. We know that the fineness of materials is controlled by screens. The smaller the fineness of finished materials required by customers, the lower the production efficiency. On the contrary, the larger the fineness of materials required by customers, the higher the production efficiency. Therefore, the choice of material fineness will also affect the grinding efficiency.
3. The internal design of the chip crusher is reasonable and the workmanship is perfect. A good chip crusher equipment, the motor must be national standard pure copper, the bearing must also be national standard, the quality is excellent, in addition, the blade, hammer, screen installation is very in place, so as to ensure the quality of the chip crusher, speed up the crushing rate of materials.
4. Do not select too hard raw materials. The first is that the hard material is not easy to hit. The second is that it is easy to damage the vulnerable parts in the machine, thus reducing the crushing efficiency of the wood chip crusher and affecting the subsequent production operations. Therefore, the selection of the hardness of the raw materials will also affect the production efficiency of the wood chip crusher.
5. The worker's master strictly follows the standard operation steps. First, check whether the machine is installed in place before loading. After checking, the worker's master shall wear safety gloves, and then turn on the power supply. Wait for a few minutes for the machine to idle without any problem, load the material at a constant speed, and listen to whether there is any abnormal noise in the machine. After the machine is finished, the remaining materials in the machine will continue to be crushed, and then cut off the power supply.