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Performance advantages of wood chipper machine

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1. Disc chipper machine is a kind of processing equipment for producing high-quality wood chips, which is widely used in the stock preparation section and single wood chip production base of papermaking, particleboard, MDF and other industrial production. The main raw material of wood chipper is log;
2. According to the market demand, the wood cutting machine adopts the low-voltage or high-voltage motor, the large-scale wood cutting machine has two kinds of belt pulley drive and direct linkage drive; the feeding is divided into two ways of horizontal and inclined, and the discharging is also divided into two ways of up discharging and down discharging;
3. The structure is compact, the layout is reasonable, the installation is simple, the operation and maintenance is convenient, and the productivity is high. When the machine is cutting logs, the chips are even and the quality is high. According to different requirements, the chip output can be adjusted freely within a certain range. It is an advanced domestic wood cutter;
4. The output of this series of wood chippers is 2-160 cubic meters per hour. Users can choose their own models according to their own needs;
5. The mobile wood cutter is composed of base, cutter head, feeding port, cover, electric control system, etc.